The Amplify Podcast Network consists of two streams: Resonate and Sustain. Both celebrate the boundary-pushing potential of scholarly podcasting, but have different approaches and relationships to peer review.

Resonate podcasts published under the imprint of WLU Press, such as Secret Feminist Agenda, undergo a formal Press peer review, conducted in the Amplify spirit of collaboration and experimentation. Sustain podcasts, such as Witch, Please, exemplify the same commitment to the principles of Amplify and to the contribution of new knowledge but do not undergo a formal peer review process. Podcasts are selected by the Amplify editorial board for inclusion based on our guiding values: commitment to critical pedagogy and open scholarship.

  • Open Scholarship encompasses the many efforts within academia to foster “openness” through Accessibility, Transparency, and Inclusivity. This movement toward Open Access, Open Education, Open Data, and Open Science is grounded in the values of community-building and connection within and beyond academia.
  • Critical Pedagogy is rooted in our mission toward anti-racism and feminist social justice and inspires critical thinking toward social change through critique of power structures and culture. Critical pedagogy is a teaching philosophy we see applied as an approach to public knowledge sharing and/or a critical approach to academia itself.

Amplify Resonate

Do you want your scholarly podcast to be peer reviewed? If so, Resonate is the stream for you. Amplify Resonate podcasts will undergo a peer review process and become listed as a WLU Press scholarly podcasts. To initiate a Resonate podcast, submit a proposal to the Amplify Editorial Board introducing your work to the Press and the Amplify team to begin the editorial discussion. Publication under the Resonate stream serves as professional attestation that your podcast has undergone a university press-led editorial process, a formal peer review, in-house publishing design, publication distribution, and promotion. The Resonate stream is currently only accepting new podcast pitches and is not able to facilitate peer review of ongoing or established podcasts.

The peer review process entails a generative engagement with your podcast series by at least two reviewers from the listening communities whom you want to reach with your scholarly work. The Press editor will consult with you to help identify these relevant community members and to guide the process to secure productive, generous review reports that support improvement of the podcast series for publication. As with the more conventional peer review process for book manuscripts, this undertaking requires a considerable commitment of resources on the part of the Press and the peer reviewers. We request that you confirm that the podcast series has not been made publicly available in any previous iteration and that you are offering the series exclusively to WLU Press as our work on its publication continues.

You can download and review our latest Resonate Submission Guidelines here. Resonate scholarly podcasters will receive a contract with WLU Press that, as with our contract for authors of book manuscripts, outlines the respective parties’ rights and responsibilities. Our scholarly podcasts are licensed under Creative Commons and are all published open access.

Amplify Sustain

Not seeking peer review? Podcasters who share a commitment to the principles outlined in Amplify’s mission statement and who would appreciate the benefit of association with the Network, but do not wish to undergo a formal peer review, should submit a proposal to the Amplify editorial board through the Contact form on our website or via email for further consideration. We’re eager to hear about ongoing podcasts and new ideas, and are particularly keen to consider podcasts that engage with our guiding editorial values. You can find our latest Sustain Submission Guidelines here.

By joining the Amplify Podcast Network as a Sustain podcast, you will benefit from being part of a growing community of scholarly podcasters. Sustain podcasts are not formally published under the WLU Press imprint but will be included as part of the Amplify Podcast Network and are invited to participate in cross-promotion with other podcasts.

If you’re looking for practical support in sustaining or growing your scholarly podcast, WLU Press can provide relevant production, design, and distribution services related to Amplify Sustain podcasts, depending on the interests and needs of the podcaster.