Project Goals

The Amplify Podcast Network has six key goals, responding primarily to SSHRC’s Connection program but also to the Insight Program objectives:

  1. To build a network of scholars, editors, librarians, students, and arts organizers who are interested in the power and potential of podcasting as a form of scholarly communication;
  2. To acquire, edit, and publish three new scholarly podcasts, in addition to one extant, by leading and emerging voices in key research fields that are highly engaged in, and thus well suited to, public scholarship (post-secondary pedagogy, Indigenous studies, and information studies);
  3. To develop metadata standards, tools, and workflows to incorporate podcasts into existing systems of scholarly discoverability and ensure their long-term preservation;
  4. To build awareness of scholarly podcasting amongst existing listeners and connections with the podcasting community through participation in non-scholarly podcasting festivals;
  5. To build the capacity for scholarly podcasting by developing workshops and Open Educational Resources on podcasting for scholarly communication in consultation with other public scholarship projects engaged in podcasting for knowledge mobilization;
  6. To contribute to research on the impact of publicly engaged, digital, and open-access scholarship through presenting at conferences and publishing journal articles on the findings of our research in venues such as Scholarly and Research Communication and Kairos.

Expanding on the successful pilot project “Scholarly Podcasting in Canada,” the Amplify Podcast will contribute to increasing accessibility and facilitating “the multidirectional flow of social sciences and humanities knowledge among researchers and between the campus and the larger community, in order to enhance intellectual, cultural, social and economic influence, benefit and impact” (SSHRC).