Scholarly Podcasting: From Pitch to Production Workshop

By Amplify Network Date: June 30, 2021 Tags: Amplify

Recorded at the "Scholarly Podcasting: From Pitch to Production" Workshop (June 29, 2021) as part of the SpokenWeb Summer Institute 2021 in collaboration with Amplify Podcast Network. In this workshop, SpokenWeb Podcast host and Amplify Podcast Network co-director Hannah McGregor, SpokenWeb supervising producer Judith Burr, and Amplify supervising producer Stacey Copeland introduce participants to the process of developing and pitching a podcast idea, and then turning that idea into reality. The first half of the workshop featured in this video recording focuses broadly on the skills involved in developing a scholarly podcast, and will be open to all practicing or aspiring scholarly podcasters. Head over to -- -- to access our free open access Guide to Academic Podcasting as well as the templates and resources discussed here.